What to Gift Pet Lovers on Their Special Days? [Pro Ideas for You!!!]

In the modern world, we are pretty much indulged with our hectic day to day schedules. Men and women are inclined towards the importance of working towards your career. It is becoming impossible for people to give time to their love life as it requires pretty much attention to deal with it, and we aren’t not supposed to give different relationship times they ask for.

It is the leading reason why people are more considering pets as their companions that love them without any expectations. If you are known to such a pet lover, then you wouldn’t be confused ever to present them on their special days. Pet lovers can be presented with different pet concerned gifts such as funny dog shirts that are convincing for them. We are here presenting you with pro ideas for gifting pet lovers to know better continue reading the article until the end.

Dog shaped coffee mugs

have you gone come across people that feel much better with pets around them instead of people? If yes, then you would be known for the struggle that you have to go through while selecting an optimal gift for them. You should be presenting them a useful yet funny thing so that they can remember you whenever they make use of it. A dog-shaped coffee mug is an optimal choice to go along with. It is much convenient option for people who are wanting to make their pet lover friend realize how they matter to them. Coffee mugs are the trending option for gifts as they are presented with different shapes, sizes, and structures. It is convenient for you to choose for these coffee mugs as it will make them remember you whenever they’ll have a sip of coffee in it. Additionally, it is much convenient choice for you to go along with as it can help you to save your larger bucks for gifting.

Dog printed shirts and hoodies

The Dog Father Pitbull T-Shirt

another optimal option for you would be a dog printed hoddie or funny dog shirts that is a much funnier gift to present someone with. Many people consider this a convincing option to opt for. It is better to go for attires that they would love to wear. If  you are willing to shed some bucks on their gift then it is surely a considerable choice to go along with. You can get these dog printed t-shirts or hoddies from different sites online, providing their convenient services. Different websites even provide customized t-shirts and other pieces of clothes in this way, and you can also get the optimal size and print for your friend to gift. You can be experimental with colors and prints surely when considering for customized online service.

Dog items

I have many friends that are dog lovers and want to spend more time with their dogs, but somehow due to different hectic schedules, they can’t provide good enough time for their pets. You can present your friends with chains and dog straps that can come in handy for them in the morning so that they can take their dogs along with them for a walk. In this way you can help them in making their bond stronger. You can also gift them with a pawprint keepsake kit that is air dries soft and unbreakable and much lighter in weight.

Playing toys for dogs

dogs are pretty much active and responsive and ask for the same response from their owner. Due to different packed schedules it is not possible for every dog owner to present with good enough attention to their dogs. So, if you are willing to help your friend out, then it is much better to choose the playing toys for dogs to present your dog lover with on their special days. You can get them toys or tools that are responsive and keep the dog engaged with those toys for a better response of pets. We are below mentioning top recommendations for dog toys that you can present your dog along with.

However, this was a brief about what gifts you should choose for your friends with pets for making their memorable.

Top recommendation for dog toys

Planet dog orbee tuff maze ball: the ball is presented with different features that can be beneficial for dogs. This ball is manufactured amazingly with material that can help to boost the senses of the dog. The ball has an inside riddle within it that is the perfect toy to engage your dog with. Some might mistake this for the tennis ball, but it isn’t that sure, but it is much stimulating for dogs. It is convenient options for those bloated dogs that have become fat due to lesser engagement in physical activities.

AFP interactive food maze dog toy: we all have believed in the concept of the larger, the better, and so does our dogs do. The larger toy would be more stimulating; they would find them it is better for you to choose for the perfect toy one like this. Dog toys are limited to the chew and ball type, unlike those, it is an interactive food maze that is somehow similar to the doggy puzzle that can be much fun for dogs to play along with.

Wrapping up

Let us wrap this up as we have taken a deep insight into the details regarding gifting a pet lover. If your friend loves to celebrate special days with their pets or also celebrate birthdays of their pets. You should be better choosing a gift that is suitable for them and make them understand the importance of their pet. Getting them funny dog shirts is by far the most convincing idea for you to gift a dog lover. People find it hard to deal with dog clothes, and presenting them with shirts of their shirts can be helpful for them. We hope you find the details mentioned above informative and helpful for choosing a convincing gift for a pet lover.

What Do Baby Geckos Eat?

Part of the ease of caring for a leopard gecko is in the food that needs to be provided. Adult leopard geckos can be fed every two days while baby leopard geckos need to be fed every day. These lizards are insectivores, which mean they mostly eat insects. In captivity, they can eat crickets, mealworms, giant mealworms (superworms), silkworms and small cockroaches as a staple food. As a treat you can give your leopard gecko a Pinkie mouse (baby mouse) on occasion.

A mouse that is only a few days old will be small enough for them to handle and only for adults. In fact, Pinkie mice are a great choice for breeding females. You can also offer them Galleria mellonella larvae as a treat, they are generally sold under the name of waxworms. These waxworms should be offered sparingly, as they can become addictive for geckos. They are the chocolate in the world of the leopard gecko who can get fat. In order to avoid suffocation, the prey you offer to your leopard gecko should not be more than half the width of the gecko’s head. Let us real more about best food for leopard gecko.

Understand how to feed a leopard gecko

What Do Baby Geckos Eat?

The way to fully understand how to feed leopard geckos is to know how much to feed them at any given time. You should only feed them as much as the gecko will eat at the time of feeding. It depends on the size of the leopard gecko. You can give your gecko 4 to 8 crickets at a time, but it is not good to let crickets roam the leopard gecko terrarium for a long time. This can stress the gecko and hungry crickets are known to chew the gecko. Mealworms, superworms or anything else that can be contained in a dish can be left in the terrarium without endangering the gecko.

Feed a leopard gecko

Another way to keep your leopard gecko healthy when it comes to feeding is to gut-load all food 24 hours before feeding it to your lizard. “Gut-loading” is the fact of feeding crickets or other insects with a very nutritious powder generally called “Gut Load”… this will make high quality food to feed your lizard. Giving your lizard a healthy insect will make it a healthy gecko. You can give insects things like fruits, vegetables and grains.

There are also industrially produced products ( like this) which are in powder form and which can be offered to the prey. With gut-loading, you can provide your leopard geckos with calcium and vitamin supplements by sprinkling the prey with these powder supplements before giving them to your gecko. Calcium and vitamins are very important for the overall health of the leopard gecko but be sure to give the crickets to your gecko immediately after sprinkling them before they have time to clean up. Dusting is also a good way to enrich the diet of baby leopard geckos and breeding females.


What Do Baby Geckos Eat?

Water should also be offered to your leopard gecko and kept fresh at all times. Standing water is a breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to disease in your gecko, so it should be changed regularly.

Insectivorous, the leopard gecko eats mainly crickets, which it likes to supplement with small cockroaches and silk worms. A newborn baby mouse (thawed or alive) will make an excellent treat for an adult gecko, and a calcium / protein intake beneficial to breeding females. The cute catch of leopard geckos is called Galleria Mellonella larva or hive moth: do not let them abuse it because like chocolate in humans, it causes addiction, liver problems and obesity … Mori worms and mealworms classics / Superworms are not recommended by professionals because they are fatty and poorly digestible. Always leave him a container of fresh water, renewed daily. Standing water promotes the development of bacteria, some of which are pathogenic.

The baby gecko needs a daily meal while the adults eat every 48 hours . As for the feeding mode, you will have the choice between providing your lizard with live food, to stimulate its hunting instinct, or “long preservation” prey. Feeding tongs for reptiles can also be used to handle insects or mice.

Which insects and which portions?

What Do Baby Geckos Eat?

The most protein-rich animals are crickets, silkworms, 1-day old mice and locusts. The legs of the latter must be removed to avoid injuring the gecko, and never be given to a juvenile. Calcium will be provided by silkworms, mice and crickets. Offer your leopard gecko between 4 and 8 crickets per meal. Immediately remove what it does not consume, because hungry insects attack small reptiles, causing them injuries and stress that could be avoided. To know what size of insect to give, look at your gecko, estimate the size that represents half of its head: it is the maximum dimension of the insects that it can swallow.

Insect farming and “gut loading”

Ideally, insects should be fed with quality products. A rich and adapted diet considerably limits health problems. The must remaining breeding domestic crickets ; they like carrots, orange peels, flakes for fish or young turtles and parsley. 24 hours before serving, supplement their diet with a very nutritious powder, called Gut Load. Just before delivering the prey to your gecko, sprinkle it with vitamin / lime supplements.

Buying insects online

Ready to eat crickets are sold on the internet, as is insect food. The mineral and vitamin D3 supplements are essential. A calcium deficiency causes eye and bone problems (deformities) in geckos. Like protein deficiency, it is neglect that would ultimately kill him.

When should you worry?

What Do Baby Geckos Eat?

Coming from the Asian deserts, Iran, Pakistan, the leopard gecko usually reduces its diet in winter or moulting period. What are the signs that should worry its owner? What are the vital emergencies?

An infallible index of good health: a plump tail. She is their fat store in case food runs out. The quality of this stock decreases each time the tail splits.

Frequent in juveniles, vomiting teaches them to dose their diet. If these regurgitations persist, are accompanied by a spectacular weight loss and lethargy, it is necessary to consult quickly. These symptoms can be caused by internal parasites, but the risk of occlusion must be avoided. The blocked digestive tract is a vital emergency that only surgery can save. Heavy consumption of water can soften the stool, but greenish diarrhea should alert you, especially if it includes undigested food or traces of blood.

To prevent occlusion, prefer sand, clay, or small pieces of substrate. In its natural environment, the gecko eats sand to ensure an adequate supply of calcium. To limit the absorption of decorative elements, put powdered calcium at its disposal in a cup. Indispensable to the gecko living in captivity, these food supplements are sold in pharmacies or in specialized pet stores. Geckos are endearing and fascinating animals. To guarantee their well-being for 20 years, it is essential to know each and every one of their specificities.

Where do Pet Rabbits Live?

Where do pet rabbits live?

Actually, the rabbits are adorable carrot-munching small mammals found across the North America from deserts to ice-covered areas. Before knowing about rabbits you need to know about various species, which make up a family leporidae, which includes the entire hares and rabbits, because where they live is more species-specific. Actually, the rabbits and hares are more equivalent, they are the members of the similar scientific family of leporid. They are simply well-known by their big hand feet, larger ears and fondness of hoping and edgy noses. Usually, rabbits can easily stay inside your home, but you will better to have an indoor rabbit cage to keep your dear bunny safe and also close to yourself all the time.

Commonly, rabbits are living in groups known as colonies in the concealed habitats, where they can hide from everything hunting them. However, these underground systems of runnels are dug by the rabbits and also can be found frequently in the grasslands, deserts, forests or meadows. The only time that the rabbit does not live in a warren is for around three weeks after its birth. The mother rabbits will dig a special nursery warren for their babies outside the maze and also cover it with the grasses, brushwood and also even hair plucked from her chest. When mother rabbit leaves her newborn, she covers the warren with dirt to keep them safe and unseen.

Look for the best cage for your rabbit

Look for the best cage for your rabbit

In general, taking a best care for the specific pet always needs a spacious cage, water to drink, healthy diet and also proper grooming. However, the single rabbit is quite difficult to handle, if you are not prepared and patient as well. However, it will be the great, if you clean a cage minimum once per week. You should always make sure to keep your pet secure and clean all the times, so that the infections and diseases will be prevented. At present, there are several different kinds of rabbit cages available to select from for your pet. In order to select the right home cage for your pet, below are some useful tips for you:

  • Initially, you have to collect the entire pertinent facts related to the breed of your pet. It is more significant to decide how much rabbits you will place inside a single cage.
  • Secondly, you should consider the actual size of your rabbit and the space need that will perfect fit to its size.
  • Thirdly, you should find your own choice of keeping your pet inside or outside of your home. As a responsible pet owner, it is essential that you will need to buy an indoor cage, if the weather becomes bad. The outdoor cages are only great, if the weather is decent.
  • Fourthly, you can make sure the safety and comfort of your pet. You never put your cage over a wired floor, better you can make use of a mat or pan below to dispose their waste simply.

What is the right choice of indoor rabbit cage for your rabbit?

What is the right choice of indoor rabbit cage for your rabbit?

Of course, the rabbits make such best pets. They are also cute, fuzzy and calm. Now, many of the kids love to have rabbits as a pet in their homes. If you are thinking on obtaining a rabbit, you must seriously consider obtaining an indoor rabbit cage beside with it. However, these cages for rabbit are excellent for keeping them inside your home without even making a mess out of your living room. It also enables you a chance to play with your pet at any time rather than having to go out simply to view them.

Find the perfect size of indoor rabbit cage

Find the perfect size of indoor rabbit cage

Giving the enough spacious homes for your rabbit is a most essential factor in keeping it healthy and happy as well. When it comes to choosing the indoor rabbit cage, you need to select the right size of indoor rabbit cage. If you afford a very large rabbit cage, bigger is always good option to choose. The actual number may vary based on the breed and size of a rabbit, how much time it is able to invest outside a cage and its individual personality.

Happy 2012 Everyone!

Hello human and furry friends and happy 2012!
I hope you all had wonderful holidays and haven’t broken ALL your New Year’s resolutions yet! *wink wink* We had a great time on our vacation but we missed Teeny and Tootsie and Lo Mein. There’s no place like home!
I will have some exciting news to announce soon. I’ve been busy busy making plans for the future. As a result, I don’t have a January dog toy drive planned. I promise that when I tell you what I’ve been working on you will understand why. I can’t wait to see what 2012 holds in store!

Happy 2012 Everyone!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

The McDougall family 2011 Christmas card.

I hope everyone out there has a SAFE and MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! We leave on Saturday for holiday vacation so I will see all of you in 2012! XOXO!


December Dog Toy Drive Still Going On!

December Dog Toy Drive Still Going On!

December Dog Toy Drive Still Going On!

Just a quick reminder: our December dog toy drive is still going on at Woof Gang Bakery! Woof Gang is located at 1204 North Lamar here in Austin. I stopped in last Saturday to check on the toy drive progress, and the bin was already halfway full with a week to go! If you need to buy any stocking stuffers for your pooches, this is the place to do it. So stop in and pick up some goodies for your furbaby and donate some toys to a needy one at the same time! We will be picking the bins up the afternoon of Saturday, December 17th and I’m hoping for a full load!
December Dog Toy Drive Still Going On!

World’s Oldest Dog Dies – RIP Pusuke

World’s Oldest Dog Dies – RIP Pusuke

World’s Oldest Dog Dies – RIP PusukePusuke, recognized by the Guiness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest dog, passed away on Monday at the ripe old age of 26. Born in April 1985 in Japan, he died peacefully at home with his owner by his side. What an amazingly long life; both Pusuke and his owner were incredibly lucky to have so much time together. Rest in peace, sweet boy, and run free at the Rainbow Bridge!

World’s Oldest Dog Dies – RIP Pusuke

December Dog Toy Drive

Santa Paws is coming to town!

Our December dog toy drive will be held at Woof Gang Bakery[there is a map included in the link] here in Austin, located at 1204 North Lamar. Our bins will be there Saturday, December 3rd [sometime in the afternoon – I will be driving back from Houston earlier in the day] until Saturday, December 17th. Woof Gang has chosen the Austin Humane Society as the beneficiary for the month, so stop by and pick up a tasty treat for your furry friend and drop off a dog toy in our bin!

December Dog Toy Drive

Lo Mein Update

Well as you can see from the video, Lo Mein is completely healthy and has [who knew!] a naughty streak! Here he is trying to get Teeny and Tootsie to play with him.




Dog Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner

I can’t wait to make this recipe for Teeny and Tootsie with our Thanksgiving leftovers!
1     sweet potato, peeled and coarsely chopped
1/2  cup leftover skinless roast turkey meat, shredded
1/2  cup leftover stuffing* or 1 piece toast, coarsely chopped
1     teaspoon finely chopped fresh sage
2     tablespoons prepared cranberry sauce
*Do not use stuffing that contains onions and/or garlic, which can both be toxic to cats and dogs.
1. In a small pot of boiling, salted water, cook the sweet potato until tender, about 5 minutes. Drain and let cool.
2. In a mixing bowl, stir together the sweet potato, turkey, stuffing, and sage. Top with the cranberry sauce and serve.