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An Overview of General Dog Care

Dogs have been a beloved companion of man for literally tens of thousands of years. Their loyal demeanor, playful personalities, and ability to make even the bleakest day a bit brighter, have earned them the well-deserved title of man’s best friend. You take them to the veterinarian when they’re sick or need their shots, but do you… Read More »

Dog Hairworm: Causes of Disease

Dog Hairworm: Causes of DiseaseDog hairworms will enter the dog’s body when they ingest infected material. But hairworms can also be infected from other infected animals. Hair worms can affect dogs of any age. Do you know what causes an infection? If not, the information below is for you. Our team of experts will help… Read More »

The Importance of Canine Dental Health

Good health for your dog starts with good dental health. When your dog’s teeth are neglected, your pet is at risk for gum disease, tooth loss, and a range of systemic conditions. Talk to your veterinarian about your dog’s dental health. In this video, you’ll learn about dental health risks for dogs and get recommendations from… Read More »

What Do Baby Geckos Eat?

Part of the ease of caring for a leopard gecko is in the food that needs to be provided. Adult leopard geckos can be fed every two days while baby leopard geckos need to be fed every day. These lizards are insectivores, which mean they mostly eat insects. In captivity, they can eat crickets, mealworms,… Read More »

Where do Pet Rabbits Live?

Actually, the rabbits are adorable carrot-munching small mammals found across the North America from deserts to ice-covered areas. Before knowing about rabbits you need to know about various species, which make up a family leporidae, which includes the entire hares and rabbits, because where they live is more species-specific. Actually, the rabbits and hares are… Read More »