Halloween Pet Safety Tips

By | October 28, 2011

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween is only a few days away and I could not be more excited! My jack o’ lanterns are carved, my house is decorated, and my costume is ready to go. It’s my favorite holiday! We live on a busy street so I doubt we’ll get many trick-or-treaters. Just in case our doorbell starts ringing I am prepared with plenty of candy and these Halloween pet safety tips!

*The bowl of candy is for trick-or-treaters! Chocolate in all forms is dangerous for dogs or cats.

*Seasonal fall plants, like pumpkin and corn, aren’t toxic to animals but can cause upset stomachs.

*Wires and cords for electric decorations should be kept out of reach so that your pet cannot chew on them.

*Keep an eye on your jack o’lantern when lit! If a pet knocks over the candle it could cause a fire.

*Don’t dress your put up in a costume [no matter how cute it is!] unless they honestly like wearing it so as to not cause undue stress.

*If you do dress your pet up in a costume, please make sure they can move, breath, and bark/meow properly.

*Look over your pets costume and make sure there aren’t any small or dangling pieces that could be chewed off and choked on.

*Unless your pet is very social, keep them in another room during peak trick-or-treat hours; too many strangers can be scary and stressful.

*When opening the door to pass out candy, make sure your dog or cat doesn’t dart outside into the street.

*Make sure your dog has an ID tag with identification and your phone number so that if they do get out they will be able to get in touch with you.I included these tips in my November 2011 newsletter but figured they were worth repeating again. Hope everyone has a great Howloween!

Happy 2012 Everyone!