Our Be The Change Post

By | May 11, 2010

At BlogPaws in April 2010 some of our Twitter friends, including @frugaldougal, introduced a simple but profound idea to everyone: Be The Change. The heart of the movement is about being the change that you want to see in the world. Even though Ghandi may have spoken these words first, he did not have the benefit of Twitter and Facebook to spread his message as far & wide as Frugal Dougal and his staff have. The idea is that “the change” doesn’t have to involve spending money or be something earth shattering ~ it could be something as small as volunteering for a day at your local animal shelter, writing a blog post like this one to help spread the word, or donating old toys your dog doesn’t play with anymore. Anything you do to make the world a better place helps, and if we all join in then together we can make a big difference ~ even a little dog like Teeny can be a part of the solution.
We weren’t lucky enough to make it to BlogPaws in April [we were about to start moving into our new home so a trip wasn’t in the cards] but the Be The Change movement swept Twitter so we certainly heard all about it and thought it was wonderful to see how many people were inspired by such a simple concept. I thought long and hard about what I could do to continue the momentum, and I think I found a way.
I have talked about PawPawties before [Teeny regularly DJs and PawPawty was our animal organization for the month of May] but this month I think I have found a way for us to be even more involved. The beneficiary is A Chance For Bliss and for every $10 raised, we will donate one toy. If PawPawty raises $500 we will donate 50 toys ~ if PawPawty raises $1000 we will donate 100 toys. And so on! If you are new to PawPawty, click here to visit their website for details on how to participate, donate, etc.
In the meantime, help us spread the word and think of ways that you can help to BE THE CHANGE!