Teeny has a very active social life for such a little dog! One organization he is involved with is PawPawty, the brainchild of our Twitter friend @FrugalDougal. PawPawty is a monthly virtual party on Twitter, which benefits a different animal-related charity each time.
Each pawty has a “theme” (for example: Chickfest, St. Paws, Model Pawty, Cooking, Cruise Ship, etc.) and many animals on Twitter change their avatar, according to the theme, as a “costume” (see photos below). As well as a theme, each pawty has DJs and CJs (dog jockey or cat jockey), Barktenders (serving tasty drinks like barkaritas and meowjitos), Sekurity (to help newbies and block spammers) and Quizmasters. Teeny happens to be a DJ and enjoys coming up with a playlist that matchs each month’s theme. Various people and companies donate prizes, which are given to the winners of the quizzes presented by the Quizmasters. All of this is done virtually, using the #pawpawty hash tag on Twitter. The PawPawty site has a great “Paw by Paw” guide if you’d like to learn how to join in the fun.
But how do these pawties raise money for shelters and other organizations?
The pawty goers are encouraged to “tip” their barktenders and DJs or to make a donation (if they are able; you don’t need to donate to enjoy the pawty!). Money is exchanged using FirstGiving or JustGiving, which are 3rd party sites that pay the funds directly to the organizations. Click here to read a blog by Frugal Dougal which explains this a bit better.
PawPawty souveniers are sold by the PawPawty Zazzlesite with the proceeds being donated to the monthly charity. You can order things like coffee mugs, mousepads, and doggie tees!
In the organization’s first 18 months of existence, it has raised nearly $40,000 for worthy shelters and organizations! We are so proud to be a part of something so wonderful!
Just for fun, I will be posting Teeny’s “costumes” below along with the month and pawty theme. Hopefully you get a laugh out of them!

May 2011 – Cinco de Mayo
April 2011 – Superhero Paw Pawty
March 2011 – Mardi Paws!
February 2011 – Love is in the Air Pawpawty
January 2011 – Dudefest: The Trooper Bowl
January 2011 – @CathyKeisha’s Gotcha Day #NipClub Punk-Themed Celebration
December 2010 – Teeny Paws and Tootsie the Red Nosed Reindeer
November 2010 – Hairy Potter
October 2010 – Howloween
September 2010 – Cruise Ship
August 2010 – Tropical Paradise
June 2010 – George the Duck’s “Gotcha Day”
June 2010 – Pirate Plunder
June 2010 – Strike A Pose
May 2010 – Paws Kitchen
May 2010 – Mini Pajama Pawty
May 2010 – ChiliPawty
April 2010 – Area 51 Top Secret Mission
April 2010 – Chickfest
March 2010 – St. Paws
February 2010 – Anipal Olympics